Save Coyote Creek
We bought homes in Fleetwood to raise our families in a quiet, green neighbourhood. We won’t allow developers to forever change our community for corporate greed.


Send a pre-formatted email addressed to Surrey Mayor Hepner, all of the City Councillors, and the City Planner responsible for this file. Add your own comments. The more personalized emails sent, the greater the impact. Our voice matters!

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Please take a moment to sign the petition to oppose the proposed development (Surrey File #7917-0143-00) 7778 & 7902 - 152 Street of recreational parkland, eaglequest / Coyote Creek:

Sign the Petition


Contact the City of Surrey and voice your opposition to the Coyote Creek development. Writing and mailing a letter is the most effective, but email works too!

Tell the city why you oppose this development, how it would affect your lifestyle and your family and community, and how important this issue is to you.
You may want to contact two groups of people… First, you may contact the project manager for this project, Mr. Donald Nip, and/or you may want to go directly to the Mayor and Council to tell them how you feel about the proposed development.

PLEASE REFERENCE IN YOUR E-MAIL SUBJECT LINE: File 7917-0143-00 EAGLEQUEST / COYOTE CREEK GOLF COURSE and please cc: all communications to Jane Sullivan

City of Surrey
Attention: Donald Nip, Planner
13450 - 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3T 1V8
Phone: 604-591-4769

You can also contact the City of Surrey Mayor and Council, at the same above address by Mail. Here are the emails for each the individual Surrey city council members and the Mayor:

PLEASE REFERENCE IN YOUR E-MAIL SUBJECT LINE: File 7917-0143-00 EAGLEQUEST / COYOTE CREEK GOLF COURSE and please cc: all communications to Jane Sullivan

PDF: Mayor & Council Members' individual contact information

Make sure to tell Council how their decision will affect your vote. Municipal elections elections are going to come around in 2018 - that's not far away, and your vote matters.


The Coyote Creek Action Committee is planning a number of events to show the City, Anthem Properties, and the owner of Eaglequest/Coyote Creek our opposition to the redevelopment proposal…look for announcements on our website and follow us on Facebook for these announcements.

Most importantly, the City of Surrey has suggested that this Coyote Creek development proposal could be presented to Mayor and Council in the month of January or February

Haven’t signed our petition and want to stay informed ? Please visit this link:

The Coyote Creek Action Committee will inform the community of the exact date in January or February when Anthem's proposal will be on the Council meeting…look on our web page and Facebook.

More specific instructions will be coming to assist you get to the confirmed Council meeting and to present your views in front of the Council…Watch for this information.


Here is the current information sheet:

PDF: Information sheet, October 2017


Coyote Creek Action Committee

Contact Us

The Coyote Creek Action Committee can be reached by email at:

We really need voluteers to help.  Whether you're able to assist or just want to stay informed, please drop us a note.  We will make sure to email you with any significant developments or news, and we promise to keep your information completely confidential.


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