Save Coyote Creek
Anthem Properties wants to take over 35% of what's currently the Eagle Quest golf course and build more than 300 new high-density, multi-family homes, including a five-story condominium. 

There are already 235 new homes being built in the Fleetwood Secondary catchment area, with more to come near 155 and 156 Street.  That’s more than 500 new homes - a 400% increase - in the surrounding area.  This will have huge impacts on virtually every aspect of our lives: traffic congestion, existing infrastructure, nearby schools, emergency services, and the environment.

The flora and fauna that call this habitat area home will be lost – once it’s gone we will never be able to recover it!  We’ll lose two well documented habitat corridors, fish-producing creeks, and endanger environmentally sensitive, adjacent parks.


The Coyote Creek recreational green space and surrounding community were approved in 1993 and have been a model development area for the Fleetwood Community specifically, and Surrey, the “City of Parks” generally
  • We need to know that there are plans for how schools, roads, transit and emergency services will be impacted and remedied.
  • We need to ensure that any new development is in keeping with the Official Community Plan that was developed for this area.
  • We need to retain this vital legacy greenspace that has been protected for the last 25 years.
  • We owe it to our children and their children to preserve recreational parkland areas like Coyote Creek.


Coyote Creek Action Committee

What Can I Do?

The Coyote Creek Action Committee is using a variety of social media platforms, and conventional door-to-door conversations to inform, invite and excite the Surrey community to join our resistance to any development of this legacy recreational green space. Join us on Facebook, see us on Instagram and follow us on Twitter...and Please sign our Petition. Help us save this valuable recreational green space. Future generations are counting on us to save spaces like this. Once its gone, its gone forever…

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